Emile Frankel is a writer and composer researching the changing conditions of online listening. Author of Hearing the Cloud (Zero Books), the political interactions between technology and culture are set against dystopian fantasies and the ecological crises of the near future. In addition to internationally performed videogame pieces and orchestral works, Emile lectures and can be found on community radio.

B. 1993, Melbourne Australia, Emile completed a Master’s degree of Music at the Royal Conservatorium of the Netherlands. Emile’s result was accompanied by the following addition: “The committee wants to express the value of their appreciation of Emile’s works by a special mention: Special mention for the development of a highly personal art form in which text, image and music composition are equally important and express the disturbance and artistic issues connected to a world in transition.”

Recent performances have included commissions by Syzygy Ensemble for the Melbourne Recital Centre, a 40-minute operatic audio-visual work performed by Nieuw Ensemble at the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam, and an interactive videogame made for Voorjaarsontwaken(Spring Festival), The Hague. Lecturing on Accelerationism and Techno Futures at Norberg Festival Sweden, Emile has also written texts for The Barbican Centre London, Stray Landings, Fuchsbau Festival, and Portals Editions.